Find our more about the stories of Evesham and how to undertake historical research with Paul Hudson, from The Hive.

Come and join our FREE ZOOM historical research sessions on Tuesday 23rd March and Thursday 25th March at 11am and 2.30pm each day. On Tuesday 23rd, Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service's Learning and Outreach Manager Paul Hudson will lead 2 ZOOM sessions into your home on the following topics:

11am: Stories From The Archives – Evesham

The archives contains 12 miles of shelving, and thousands of boxes, but what it of most interest are the

stories they contain and the individuals whose tales can be found. Stories From the

Archives will look at the many types of records held, and picking out stories

and examples from these. Some are from across the county, but most will be

about Evesham, and will include photos and maps.

and at 2.30pm

Exploring A Building’s History

House history is increasingly important, with people coming to the archives to look into the story of their house. We also have people tracing the history of a public building, whether for a funding project or just out of interest. In this webinar we’ll look at how you would go about researching, and some of the key sources such as maps and the Historic Environment

On Thursday 25th the sessions are repeated, with Building History at 11am and Evesham Stories at 2.30pm.

If you would like to attend these 1hr sessions, please contact Sue on [email protected] or call 07875 377243 to obtain the link and further information.

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