Times and intentions for Holy Mass

 (E)= Evesham  (B)= Broadway

Sat 23rd      4.00pm(B)     Andy Barker

Sun 24th     8.45am(E)     People of the Parish

                     10.00am(E)      Audrey Burslem

Mon 25th   10.00am(E)     Mary Hammon        

Tues 26th  10.00am(B)     Holy Souls

                  12.00noon(E)     Funeral Mass  Doreen Springett

Wed 27th               No Mass today 

Thur 28th   10.00am(B)    Holy Souls

Saints Simon & Jude

Fri 29th       10.00am(E)    Mary Ellen Camera

Sat 30th     10.00am(E)     Neville Heeks

The Solemnity of All Saints

Sat 30th      4.00pm(B)     James McGarrigle(Sn)

Sun 31st     8.45am(E)     Gary Channa

                     10.00am(E)      People of the Parish

Private Prayer in Broadway:

Sunday Wednesday  Friday 10;00-11.00am

Confessions: Each day after Mass except Wednesday and on Saturday in Evesham from 9.00am to 9.45am

Eucharistic Adoration The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for Adoration after Mass in Evesham on Monday and Friday until 11.00am

Volunteers for greeting and sanitising the church.

Those wishing to volunteer for the ongoing work with greeting and sanitising should. Contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to:

[email protected]

Evesham Food Bank

Please phone 07721559387 in order to discover how and when to take any contributions

Catechism points and themes

Sunday 30 (numbers indicate paragraph number)

CCC 547-550: Jesus performed messianic signs
CCC 1814-1816: faith, a gift of God
CCC 2734-2737: filial confidence in prayer

Please pray

For the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for, the repose of the souls of  Neville Heeks Doreen Springett Richard Lasota  Bernadette Mary Booth and  all who have died in recent days and for Bridget Lennon Mary Watson Jack Whyte  whose anniversary of death falls at about this time.


From Fr Christopher

The Prophet Jeremiah, writing some six centuries before the birth of Christ, speaks of a return from exile, a hoped-for joyful reunion of scattered peoples. In the mind of the prophet, it is ultimately the Lord who delivers the people and brings them home. Jeremiah sees this as comparable to the love and commitment of a father for his child. This image of God is one who takes on the role of leadership, guiding even those who cannot see and have difficulties in their lives just getting about.

God is a Father who makes sure his children get to everything that is life supporting, most especially water and a level path, so that the people may not faint or stumble on their way. The joy that is announced in the Entrance Antiphon for Mass is repeated in the first words of the Jeremiah reading: “Thus says the Lord: Shout with joy! Exult! Proclaim your praise!”

We might ask: do I now or ever feel in my deepest being such enthusiasm for God, for the one who delivers and ultimately saves me? This is the God who is always the same, and yet whom I can know so much more intimately since Jesus Christ came to show us the Father. We must ask the questions not in order to condemn ourselves for lack of enthusiasm for God, but in order to seek a deeper relationship with God and to trust in God at all times.

The Gospel  shows us one person who definitely related to Jesus with profound enthusiasm and commitment, even in his brokenness. Bartimaeus shouts out from the very first hint that Jesus is in the area. He cannot see but he can hear and sense that he is in the presence of a great and mighty worker of wonders. It seems that Jesus let Bartimaeus continue to shout, perhaps to be certain that he really wanted Jesus’ attention, and finally the Lord takes the initiative, saying, “call him over.”

Then comes the response of the blind man to the call of Jesus. Bartimaeus jumps up, the Gospel text tells us. In the original Greek the word is almost a notion and motion of resurrection. No leisurely hanging about here! Furthermore, Bartimaeus throws aside his cloak, probably his most treasured  possession, which served as well as a covering at night, and ultimately a shroud at death. If the cloak had any pockets they contained whatever else he owned. At the call of Jesus the blind beggar casts off his earthly security in the deep desire to be healed by this man in whom he was putting his faith. Even now Jesus does not immediately do what is obviously desired by the beggar. Jesus seeks further cooperation from Bartimaeus by asking him, “What do you want me to do for you?” With great respect and using the term “Rabboni,” that is, “Great Teacher,” the man tells Jesus, “I want to see,” and his great faith is rewarded. Apparently without even going back for his cloak, Bartimaeus, now with sight, follows Jesus. A relationship has been formed through that look into the face of Jesus, first as a blind man, now with sight. It is a lesson that the eyes of the heart are more powerful than physical sight. The first person the blind man actually saw was the one who brought the needed healing to his life.

We are encouraged to hear the Lord say to us, “What do you want me to do for you?” We can do some serious soul-searching as to what we really want from God, and with the faith of the blind man, ask it of God, so that we  may look into God’s face and so deepen our relationship with the God who saves us. “Seek always the face of the Lord”!

Times of Holy Mass and Intentions

 The Sunday timetable will remain as it is for a while until after the “hernia repair” which Fr Christopher is awaiting. However from the First Sunday of Advent, The early Mass will be at 8.00am It will take a little time to celebrate the Masses for which intentions have been received.

Website and emails

Difficulties are being experienced with the website.The parish email will be changed shortly. The new information will be available as soon as possible

Various Items!

The paintings behind the altars the Statues and the stations of the cross will need cleaning and restoration after the restoration of the fabric. When the estimates for these are known I would ask that individuals or groups “sponsor” these costs.

First Confession and Holy Communion in Evesham and Broadway

Fr Christopher is unable to begin the instruction at present but the papers will be available as soon as possible. This will be for those who are 8 years old(year 4 at school).  This year  I ask parents to read the documents very carefully before completing them.  This must not be seen as a mere process. I would further remind everyone that if children go to Mass in other parishes, then the preparation must take place in those parishes and also if children go to the Polish Mass, the Polish priest will see to the preparation. Anyone asking for the preparation packs should already be coming to Sunday Mass and intending to continue to do so. Children who are older may also be prepared for the sacraments.

All Souls’ Day November 2nd

Holy Mass for the departed at 10.00 am and 7.00 pm in Evesham. 12.00noon in Broadway. This day reminds us that as Catholics we pray for the departed particularly by offering the Holy Mass for them. In this way, we apply the merits of the sacrifice of the cross to our loved ones that they may be forgiven their sins and thus be cleansed and enabled to enter the glory of heaven. For us, this is the proper act of remembrance for which the liturgical colour is Purple or Black(White is used for baptised children who depart this life in the age of innocence – before the age of seven- and do not need our prayers and thus the Mass is one of thanksgiving as well as supporting families in sorrow)

Going out into the future

Please give some thought to being involved in parish life.  Some though not all of the areas involved will have to do with cleaning, the care of silver and brass  The washing and ironing of altar linen(large and small) the ongoing care of the sacristy and care of the Cassocks and Cottas for the altar servers  We need to gather those who can sing to participate in the “Schola Cantorum”. Readers and Altar servers


The process of implementing the wishes of the Holy Father will begin during the next few months. The priests of the diocese hope to discover something of what this will mean this coming Wednesday(hence no Mass)There are any number of opinions on the matter available on the internet. Cardinal Muller was particularly illuminating in an interview with Raymond Arroyo on 21st October on EWTN. This can be found on youtube

Hire the Hall in Evesham

Contact Kay Buckley;

07719926797email: [email protected]

Craft Fair

Parish centre Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October.

Quality handmade crafts made by a group of local crafters called “Craft in Action” Please come along and support these local crafters in the parish centre.

Broadway Information    


Volunteers are needed for church cleaning and for the care of the Brass

Please put names on the Rota.

Major work in Broadway

Some major work will be carried out on the church in Broadway-about which more in due course. Some recent inspections and tests with regard to electricity, fire health and safety and legionella have resulted in the need to bring our building up to scratch with regard to legal requirements. All of this work will require a considerable financial commitment. This cannot be met by Fetes and jumble sales. The future of our parishes and churches depends on the commitment of the people who use them. Please remember this when reviewing your financial commitment to the parish.

CTIB(Ecumenical service)

November7th: A Service on the Green at 5.00 pm to remember those who have died during the COVID Pandemic and switch on the Tree of Light remembering all our loved ones who have gone before us.

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