What to do this Lent! This week we turn to St Pio of Pietrelcina(Padre Pio).

Times and intentions for Holy Mass

Public Masses are indicated in bold print. (Evesham Masses from Monday in the Parish centre) The 12.00 noon Mass on Tuesday in the Extraordinary Form  and the12.00noon Mass at Broadway on 14th March will vbe live streamed only..

 (E)= Evesham  (B)= Broadway

Sat 6th       4.00pm(B)     People of the Parish

Sun 7th      8.45am(E)      Raymond Shaw

                   10.00am(E)       Salvatore Muratore

Mon 8th    10.00am(E)     Arthur James Shaw

Tues 9th   10.00am(B)     In honour of St Anthony

                 12.00noon(E)       Holy Souls

Wed 10th  10.00am(E)    Mavis Draycott

Thur 11th  10.00am(B)     James McGarrigle

Fri 12th     10.00am(E)      Nicolo Barone

Sat 13th    10.00am(E)       Edward Curtis

Fourth Sunday of Lent(Laetare)

Sat 13th    4.00pm(B)       Neal Coleman

Sun 14th    8.45am(E)     PhilipThomas Draycott

                   10.00am(E)      People of the Parish  

                 12.00noon(B)      First Communicants                  

 Confessions. Confessions after Mass (not Wednesday) or please contact the presbytery 

Private Prayer in Broadway Broadway):  Sunday Wednesday and Friday 10;00-11.00am


In order to have our Churches open for public Masses, it is essential that we have sufficient volunteers to act as stewards, cleaners and helpers. Those wishing to volunteer should. Contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to : [email protected]We need as many volunteers as possible, as the current situation will continue for some time yet. Please help us keep our Churches open.

Evesham Food Bank

Please phone 07721559387 in order to discover how and when to take any contributions

Catechism points and themes

Lent 3  ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 459, 577-582: Jesus and the Law
CCC 593, 583-586: Temple prefigures Christ; he is the Temple
CCC 1967-1968: the New Law completes the Old
CCC 272, 550, 853: Christ’s power revealed in the Cross

Please pray

For the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for, the repose of the souls of  Bette Francis  James Mc Garrigle and  all who have died in recent days and Rachel Louise Stanley whose anniversary of death falls at about this time.

From Fr Christopher

What to do this Lent!

Every year Catholics try to answer the age old question: What should I do for Lent?  During this Lent I will offer a selection of “Tips” for the spiritual life from others. This week we turn to St Pio of Pietrelcina(Padre Pio). His words are in italics.

First of all–the need for spiritual warfare: Let us always keep before our eyes the fact that here on earth we are on a battlefield and that in paradise we shall receive the crown of victory; that this is a testing-ground and the prize will be awarded up above; that we are now in a land of exile while our true homeland is Heaven to which we must continually aspire. Satan is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and we should keep this always in mind during Lent.

The rosary is the recommended weapon for battle. – Hold on tightly to the Rosary. Be very grateful to the Madonna because it was she who gave us Jesus. Love our Lady and make her loved; always recite the Rosary and recite it as often as possible.

Don’t be afraid of humility. Humility is endless. Purity is power. Look to purity and pursue it. These also are weapons in the battle: Humility and purity are the wings which carry us to God and make us almost divine.

Don’t expect instant success. The spiritual life is a long journey. It is the work of a lifetime. Take one day at a time and one step at a time. If you stumble and fall, get up immediately and keep going. Never give up. In the spiritual life, you must take one step forward each day in a vertical line, from the bottom up.

Our unhappiness is not everything. Our happiness is not everything. Don’t allow your feelings to determine whether you think you are making spiritual progress or not. The world’s standards of happiness and “success” are completely different from spiritual progress. Keep your eyes fixed on Him who is your guide to the heavenly country, where He is leading you. What does it matter to you if Jesus wishes to guide you to Heaven by way of the desert or by the meadow, so long as He is always with you and you arrive at the possession of a blessed eternity? 

Turn off the screens for Lent. Fast and abstain from Facebook and living for the computer. Read some good books. Feed the soul, don’t consider me too demanding if I ask you once again to set great store by holy books and read them as much as you can. This spiritual reading is as necessary to you as the air you breathe.

Pay attention to Holy Mass. The Lord is present. It is not just a “family meal” or a pep talk where we decide how we’re going to make the world a better place. It is the threshold of heaven and the one full, final sacrifice brought into the present moment with its benefits applied to our needs. Renew your faith by attending Holy Mass. Keep your mind focused on the mystery that is unfolding before your eyes. In your mind’s eye transport yourself to Calvary and meditate on the Victim who offers Himself to Divine Justice, paying the price of your redemption…If we only knew how God regards this Sacrifice, we would risk our lives to be present at a single Mass.

Your discipline during Lent is a step towards proper detachment from the distorted love of created things so that you can love properly the things that are eternal. Therefore don’t be discouraged. Make little sacrifices, but make them matter. He who attaches himself to the earth remains attached to it. It is by violence that we must leave it. It is better to detach oneself a little at a time, rather than all at once. Let us always think of Heaven.

Don’t be discouraged:  You think you are doing a good work, but God is doing it within you. When you realise this you will strive even harder to cooperate with God’s will and this will take you further on the path with speed. Let us humble ourselves and confess that if God were not our armour and shield, we would be pierced by all kinds of sins. That is why we must live in God by persevering in our practices, and learn to serve Him at our own expense.

Be totally committed to the Lord and he will not fail you. Remember the scriptures: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.” Let us try to serve the Lord with all our heart and will. He will always give us more than we deserve.

Holy Week and Easter

The norms for the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy this year have been issued by the Holy See and the Episcopal Conference have issued the instructions. The liturgy this year will be different from the norm  and the timetable will be available next Sunday. I hope we shall all strive to participate in these celebrations.


The fact that we have been fortunate to receive some part funding for the Celebration of Pugin and Pugin and thus refurbishment for the church building also involves the establishing of a Facebook page which will ensure greater publicity. The details are as follows. https://www.facebook.com/The-Church-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-and-St-Egwin-Evesham-113814183806139/

Coming to Church during Lockdown

People are legally permitted to leave their homes for communal worship. Mingling with anyone outside of one’s household or support bubble is prohibited by the legislation. Social distancing protocols, hand sanitising, wearing of face coverings (except for those medically exempt and children under 11 years of age) and track/trace must be adhered to. This applies to the instructions given by parish volunteers when entering and exiting the Church building. The health and safety of parishioners is paramount, and therefore everyone should go directly home when advised to leave by the stewards at the end of Mass.. Parishioners, who are vulnerable, advised to shield or showing symptoms of any kind should stay at home for their own health and well-being as well as for that of others. Those who have tested positive,  are waiting to take a test, awaiting results or told to isolate by NHS Track & Trace are legally only allowed to leave their homes in limited exceptional circumstances and thus are not permitted entry to Church buildings. As ever the question with regard to the churches remaining open will depend on the availability of volunteers and the continued adherence to the rules. Should any of these be compromised then appropriate action will need to be taken by way of reducing the number of public Masses.

Mass in Evesham

Holy Mass is celebrated in the parish centre. The restrictions concerning Social distancing etc. will continue. Holy Communion will be received at the end of Mass as this is the only practical way to ensure proper observance of the norms agreed between the Bishops and the government.

Sunday Evening Mass

Priests have been instructed that they should not multiply the number of Masses at this time for Sundays when there is no necessity. The 5.39 Mass can be restored If it can be shown that it is necessary and if someone will come forward to act as a co-ordinator with regard to volunteers and if there will be sufficient volunteers at the Mass. At present Mass is celebrated with the participation of the people every day and three times for Sunday. With the exception of the 10.00am Mass on Sunday we are by no means at capacity

First Holy Communion

Please pray for six children who will receive Holy Communion for the first time on 14th March.

Broadway Information

Leaving the Church

A “one way” system is in operation. Please leave the church by following this system at the end of Mass.

Easter Flowers

Collection on 13th & 20th March

Track and Trace Slip

(This may be used in Broadway and Evesham


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Size of Group

Date attended

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