Public Masses are indicated in bold print. The 12.00 noon Mass on Tuesday in the Extraordinary Form will continue to be live streamed only.

      (E) = Evesham                      (B) = Broadway

Sat  12th                  4.00pm(B)                  Solange Herchenroder
  Sun 13th         8.45am(E) 10.00am(E)             People of the Parish Tony Dowden
Mon 14th St John of the Cross    10.00am(E)                Raffaelina De Vizio
Tues15th10.00am(B)                   12.00noon(E)                Hilda Kingdon The Baker Family
Wed 16th         10.00am(E)       Neal Coleman
  Thur 17th       10.00am(B)         Siobhan Smith
  Fri 18th             10.00am(E)        Holy Souls
  Sat 19th              10.00am(E)         Harriet Heath
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Sat 19th            4.00pm(B)          People of the Parish  
Sun 20th         8.45am(E) 10.00am(E)         Holy Souls Private intention(P)


Please contact the presbytery to make arrangements to go to confession. A Priest will be available in Evesham after all Masses and in Broadway after all Masses

Private Prayer in Broadway

Broadway):  Sunday Wednesday  Friday  10;00-11.00am

Private prayer and Public Masses (Evesham Capacity:58 Broadway Capacity: 30)

Attending the Churches

Everyone must stand or sit and not kneel. Wear a mask unless exempt. Remain 1 metre + apart Sanitise hands on entering and leaving. Complete the track and trace slips or use your phone to scan the QR number Place your offering in the receptacles by the door.

Please pray

For the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for   all who have died in recent days and for    Tony Dowden Josephine Langston Raffaelina De Vizio Jack Peaple Edna Gorman William Daly Snr Eric Noel Thomas Mary Cecelia McMullan           Tom Hogan Sophia Chantry            George Chantry whose anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Advent 3 ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 30, 163, 301, 736, 1829, 1832, 2015, 2362: joy
CCC 713-714: characteristics of the awaited Messiah
CCC 218-219: God’s love for Israel
CCC 772, 796: the Church as the Bride of Christ


In order to have our Churches open for public Masses, it is essential that we have sufficient volunteers to act as stewards, cleaners and helpers. Those wishing to volunteer should. Contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to : [email protected]

We do need as many volunteers as possible please, and no doubt the current situation will continue for some time yet. So do please get involved and help us keep our Churches open going forward.


From Fr Christopher 

The third Sunday of Advent is a Sunday of joy (Gaudete). Having come thus far in our journey, the Church says to us as the prophet Nehemiah said to the Israelites: “Go and enjoy…Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh 8, 10). However, after today, we must continue our journey with a new zeal and expectation.

In the first reading today, Isaiah bursts out in Joy as he experienced the divine presence and hand of God tremendously at work in his life and mission: “The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me, for the Lord has anointed me to…” This is a song of joy and satisfaction of an empowered person. He recounts what God has done in his life. This should be our song today because; we have been filled with the Spirit of God. We are filled in order to be strengthened for the last phase of our journey this Advent. So, in appreciation for this, we shout for joy to the Lord. This is the great joy that Gaudete Sunday provokes, the joy that our Saviour is near.

The second reading for this third Sunday of Advent is an explicit call from Saint Paul to us: “Be happy at all times, pray constantly, and for all things give thanks to God…” In this brief exhortation, we find a wonderful progression. First of all, it is a call to be happy, joyful and cheerful because our journey so far has been so good. Also it is a call to “Pray constantly,” to be vigilant. Therefore, for Gaudete Sunday to be truly meaningful, it must provoke a great feeling of joy and thankfulness, while still preserving, and keeping us focused on our journey and duty during this season of Advent. It is not the end our journey.

The Gospel today brings us back to Saint John the Baptist. John the Baptist was at the centre of the Gospel last Sunday. We should note that John the Baptist is not at all concerned about being considered great or important. His one concern is to point to Jesus Christ: the One who is to come, whose sandal strap he is unworthy to untie.

Saint John the Baptist is a saint of joy because he points always to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world. We also can become people of joy when our lives point to Jesus our Lord. We don’t have to be perfect but we do have to keep pointing to the Lord. Just as in the life of John the Baptist, the more we decrease, the more the Lord may increase. It is a challenge for us to live in such a way that we are always witness to the presence of God and God’s love.

The Offertory chant in the 1962 Mass  is clear: “Lord, you have blessed your land. You have forgiven the iniquity of your people.” It is because God loves us and forgives us that we can rejoice and be glad. It is because Jesus invites us to live His life that our lives can be witnesses to Him. Let us rejoice and be glad this Sunday as we delight in God’s love.

We may wonder why this reading and call is being repeated on this joyful Sunday.  Our answer lies in an understanding that It is for the purpose of emphasis. It is to remind us that, though we are given a little time to relax and rejoice today, nonetheless the clarion call is still there: “Make a straight way for the Lord.” In other words, our preparation and our journey continue. As we participate in the liturgy this Sunday the Church still keeps us alert so that we do not forget the end of our journey of faith. Of course the joy of this Sunday foreshadows the fullness of joy that the coming Solemnity of the Nativity brings. However, as we rejoice today, let us say a loud amen to the prayer of  Saint Paul: “May the God of Peace make you perfect and holy, and may you all be kept safe and blameless…for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ…God has called you and he will not fail you.” .

This year has been a strange experience for us all. The arrival and use of the vaccination is of course a great step out of this situation. It will however be some considerable time before “normality” returns. The new “Normal” will be very different both in society and for our parishes. We must all continue to be vigilant and as Christmas approaches to remember in our prayers those who must still isolate and are anxious and of course those very many who have departed this life and whose families will be mourning those whom they love but see no longer.

Christmas offering

Envelopes available by the doors for those who wish to use them

Christmas Masses

Due to strict social distancing a ticketing system will ensue for all Christmas Masses at both Churches. It will not be possible to enter the churches on Christmas Eve/Day without a ticket. Please note that according to new Government guidelines for Christmas 23rd-27th December, bubbles during this period only, for places of worship, do include extended Christmas bubbles of up to 3 households and not simply single adult household support bubbles. This should make things easier for families and maximise the social distancing capacity in Broadway and Evesham for all Christmas Masses. Application forms for tickets are available and must be returned by Wednesday16th December. Please note that only the application forms which are available in our churches may be used.


Christmas Eve   5.00pm (Night)

Christmas Day   9.00am (Dawn)


Christmas Eve   6.30pm(Vigil)


Christmas Day   8.00am(Dawn) 



Details concerning Gift Aid, The Donate button and Standing orders can be found on the website or from Fr Christopher who will provide contact details. Whilst thanking everyone for their continued support of the parishes may I remind all parishioners of the need to ensure financial stability in our parishes.

Walk with me

Books available in church

Facebook                      The fact that we have been fortunate to receive some part funding for the Celebration of Pugin and Pugin and thus refurbishment for the church building also involves the establishing of a Facebook page which will ensure greater publicity. The details are as follows.

Evesham Food Bank

Please phone 07721559387 in order to discover how and when to take any contributions you may have. It would be a good idea to phone and ask what particular items the food bank needs.

Broadway Notices

Collection for Christmas Flowers

Saturday 12th December

Christmas Hampers

Many thanks to all who have contributed so generously  in Broadway and Evesham £505 was raised  including £50 raised by the school children at St Marys. CTIB will be distributing upwards of 27 hampers each to the value of £100.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is received at the end of Mass in Broadway. Please avoid conversation and greeting  whilst preparing to receive Holy Communion and afterwards when leaving the building. There are a number of things to be accomplished (collection bulletins booking forms etc but the reverence due to the Blessed Sacrament must be paramount.


Track and Trace Slip

(This may be used in Broadway and Evesham


Contact Number:

Size of Group

Date attended

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