The Holy Mass and Rosary and Benediction are live streamed without the participation of the faithful until further notice. The 12.00 noon Mass on Tuesday is in the Extraordinary Form

Sat 7th                4.00pm          People of the Parish

Sun 8th         10.00am       Ints Ann & james Doherty

          Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm

Mon 9th        10.00am        Neal Coleman

Dedication  of the Lateran

Tues 10th     10.00am        Mary O’Connor   

St Leo the greatt12.00noon       David Cotterell      

Wed 11th      10.00am        Those who died armed conflict            

St Martin of Tours

Thur 12th     10.00am        Robert & Christopher Ashton     

St Josaphat

Fri 13th          10.00am       Salvatore Giuseppe & Vito     


Sat 14th          10.00am          Michael Devizio  

        Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Sat 14th           4.00pm           Daryl Owen

Sun 15th     10.00am         People of the Parish

               Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm


Please contact the presbytery to make arrangements to go to confession. Confessions may be heard in the   garden

Daily Evening chats and Night Prayer at 6.45pm

Available on the website or the YouTube channel: christopher draycott

Private Prayer in Church (Capacity 58 in Evesham. 30 in Broadway)

Evesham: Monday. Wednesday Friday: 11:00 – Noon

Broadway:  Sunday Tuesday Thursday Friday 11:00-Noon

Attendees must stand or sit and not kneel. Wear a mask Remain 1 metre + apart Sanitise hands on entering and leaving. Complete the track and trace slips or use your phone to scan the QR number Place your offering in the receptacles by the door. Those wishing to volunteer should. contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to : [email protected]

Please pray

For the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for   all who have died in recent days and for Francis Rayner            Stanley Goodall Catherine Yates Giuseppina Bille Charles Dumaresq whose anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Sunday 32 ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 671-672: we wait for all to be made subject to Christ
CCC 988-991: the just will live forever with the risen Christ
CCC 1036, 2612: vigilant waiting for the Lord’s return

Sacramental Catechesis

There are no plans to begin preparation for First Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation for next year.  Nor is it yet known when those already prepared will receive these Sacraments.

From Fr Christopher 

In Sacred scripture we are reminded  that we came into this world in order to be raised up; we were not born for death but for resurrection. Saint Paul writes that  “our citizenship is in heaven” (Phil 3:20) and, as Jesus says in the Gospel, we shall be raised up on the last day (cf. Jn 6:40). It is likewise the thought of the resurrection that leads Judas Maccabaeus to do “an excellent and noble thing” (2 Macc 12:43.) in offering prayer and sacrifice for the dead. Today we can ask ourselves: how does the thought of the resurrection affect me? How do I respond to my call to be raised up?

Help comes to us first from Jesus, who says: “Anyone who comes to me I will never drive away” (Jn 6:37). That is his invitation: “Come to me” (cf. Mt 11:28). To come to Jesus, the living one, in order to understand something of death, to appreciate that we should not fear that everything will end. This might seem a generic and even banal spiritual exhortation. But let us try to make it concrete by asking a few questions. Each day do we try to draw nearer to the Lord? Do we make daily events  an occasion for speaking to him? In the persons whom we meet, do we involve Jesus? Do we bring them to him in prayer? Or do we  do everything while thinking only of our concerns, rejoicing only in things that go  well for us and complaining about those that do not? To make this more personal Do I live my day coming to the Lord, or am I simply orbiting around myself? And where am I headed? Do I seek only to make a good impression, to protect my role, my schedule and my free time? Or do I come to the Lord?

Jesus words are striking: “Anyone who comes to me I will never drive away”. Pope Francis has noted that: “Any Christian who does not come to him will be driven away. For those who believe, there is no middle ground. We cannot belong to Jesus and orbit around ourselves. Those who belong to Jesus live by constantly going forth from ourselves and towards him. Life itself is a constant going forth: from our mother’s womb to our birth, from infancy to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood and so on, until the day of our going forth from this world.

In November and particularly on Remembrance Sunday, as we pray for those who have gone forth from this life in order to meet the risen Lord, we cannot forget the most important and difficult “going forth”, the one that gives meaning to all the others: that of going forth from our very selves. Only by going forth from ourselves do we open the door that leads to the Lord. Pope Francis has also written: “Lord, I want to come to you, along the roads and with my traveling companions each day. Help me to go out of myself in order to come towards you, for you are life itself”. In the Second book of the Maccabees we are reminded that it was belief in Judas Maccabeus “ was looking to the splendid reward that is laid up for those who fall asleep in godliness” (2 Macc 12:45).

Saint Ignatius suggests that before making any important decision, we should imagine ourselves standing before God at the end of time. That is the final and inevitable moment, one that all of us will have to face. Every life decision, viewed from that perspective, will be well directed, since it is closer to the resurrection, which is the meaning and purpose of life. As the departure is calculated by the goal, as the planting is judged by the harvest, so life is best judged by starting from its end and purpose.: “Let me consider myself as standing in the presence of my judge on the last day, and reflect what decision on the present matter I would then wish to have made; I will choose now the rule of life that I would then wish to have observed” (Spiritual Exercises, 187). It is helpful and desirable  to view reality through the eyes of the Lord and not only through our own; to look to the future, the resurrection, and not only to this passing day; Do I go forth from myself each day in order to come to the Lord? Do I feel and practise compassion for those in need? Do I make important decisions in the sight of God? Amid so many worldly voices that make us forget the meaning of life, let us grow attuned to the will of Jesus, risen and alive. Thus as we are often reminded in the month of the Holy Souls we will make of our lives this day a dawn of resurrection.

Private Prayer in church

Please avail yourselves of the opportunities provided in Evesham and Broadway. Quite apart from anything else it provides the opportunity to witness to the Gospel.


Details concerning Gift Aid, The Donate button and Standing orders can be found on the website or from Fr Christopher who will provide contact details. Whilst thanking everyone for their continued support of the parishes may I remind all parishioners of the need to ensure financial stability in our parishes. The Bills must be paid even though the churches are not used for Mass during this time of lockdown..

Census and data Base

You will soon  be asked to provide the necessary information which will enable the parish to have an accurate and up to date census. Information will be stored and used so as to conform to all the necessary legal requirements.

Missio Donations

If making donations by cheque to Missio-Mill Hill. Please post to Red

Box, 23 Eccleston Square London SW1V 1NU

If donating by Text:

Red Box 5 to donate £5

Red Box 10 to donate £10

By Phone 020 7821 9755

Bank Transfer

Acct Name :Missio Sort Code 16-00-16

Acct Number 10824230

Ref RB and your postcode.

Mass intentions

Please remember that because of the present restrictions it may take some time to satisfy all of the Mass intentions which are requested

Facebook                      The fact that we have been fortunate to receive some part funding for the Celebration of Pugin and Pugin and thus refurbishment for the church building also involves the establishing of a Facebook page which will ensure greater publicity. The details are as follows.

Broadway Notices

CTIB Christmas Hampers (donations by 14th November)

Support for families in need in Broadway with Christmas hampers. We are  unable to collect food etc in our churches this year(hence the cut-off date We are asking that you give generously so that we can purchase those things necessary from our stores Please be generous as usual in supporting this Christian effort.

Donations can be placed in envelopes marked Christmas hampers and posted through the presbytery door in Evesham or through the letter box at the retreat in Broadway marked Flat 12

Track and Trace Slip (This may be used in Broadway and Evesham


Contact Number:

Size of Group

Date attended

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