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Only Masses and other services appearing in bold print are public Masses

Livestreamed Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Tuesday

Sat 31st    4.00pm(B)  Cynthia Fletcher
Sun 1st     8.45am(E)     People of the Parish
 10.00am(E)Judith Gyorgy
Commemoration Mon 2nd   Of  All the  8.45am(E)     10.00am(E)Faithful departed Patrick Walsh Ints  the Holy Father
 12.00noon(B) Faithful Departed
Tues 3rd     10.00am(B) 12.00noon(E)Don McGlinchey Josephine Picton
Thur 5th     10.00am(B)Bridie & Patrick Moran
Fri 6th    10.00am(E) 11.30am(B)Dorothy Tantrum Mary O’Connor
Sat 7th    10.00am(E)Mollie Kelly
Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Remembrance Sunday)
Sat 7th     4.00pm(B)  Neal Coleman
Sun 8th      8.45am(E)     People of the Parish
 10.00am(E)Ints Ann & James Doherty

Holy Communion at home

Please phone the presbytery to make arrangements


Please contact the presbytery to make arrangements to go to confession. Confessions may be heard in the house or the garden

Evening chats on Saturday/Sunday at 6.45pm.

Available on the website or the YouTube channel: christopher draycott

Public Masses(Capacity(58 in Evesham. 30 in Broadway)

Attendees must Stand or sit do not kneel Wear a mask Remain 1 metre + apart Sanitise hands on entering and leaving. Complete the track and trace slips or use your phone to scan the QR number Place your offering in the receptacles by the door. To volunteer to help. Contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to : [email protected]

Please pray

for the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for   all who have died in recent days and for Albert McAtamney Hugh O’Donnell Robin Edwards Florence Muctivale Mary Matilda Finigan Johanna Cornelia Minchin           Charles Edward Kilby whose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Solemnity of All Saints ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 61, 946-962, 1090, 1137-1139, 1370: the Church, a communion of saints
CCC 956, 2683: the intercession of the saints
CCC 828, 867, 1173, 2030, 2683-2684: the saints, examples of holiness

Sacramental Catechesis

There are no plans to begin preparation for First Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation for next year.  Nor is it yet known when those already prepared will receive these Sacraments.


From Fr Christopher

Today’s Solemnity and tomorrow’s commemoration inspire us to reflect on the very mystery of the church as a communion of saints: the faithful on earth (the church militant) united with the faithful in heaven (the church triumphant) and with the faithful undergoing purification in purgatory (the church suffering). All of these together form in Christ one family, the Church, to the praise and glory of the Trinity. This beautiful image of the Church as a family praying for one another is best reflected in the holy sacrifice of the Mass and in particular the Eucharistic prayers.

Both celebrations evolved in the life of the church. A common commemoration of the saints, especially the martyrs who died during the Roman persecutions, appeared in various areas throughout the church, but on different days. When Pope Gregory III (731-741) dedicated an oratory in St. Peter’s Basilica in honour of all the saints Nov. 1, this date became the official day for the annual celebration in Rome and by the 10th century throughout the whole church. 

The church reveres saints. We as members of the church militant, who are still fighting the good fight and running the race, can look upon them as heroes. These men, women, and children of every age lived in circumstances and faced problems like our own, but kept the faith and strove for holiness. Some of the saints did extraordinary acts, and some lived ordinary lives; however, they were extraordinary in holiness. In a sense, they are like windows of the Lord: Just as a beautiful stained-glass window comes alive as the sun shines through it, so by way of analogy , a saint is like a window through which the love of God pours forth and his presence is made known. The saints were not perfect: They were sinners who relied on God’s grace and who never stopped trying. Be mindful of the saints, and especially a patron saint. Have a good devotion to a saint, and call upon that saint’s prayers for help and inspiration.

Tomorrow we remember those souls being purified in purgatory. At the time of their death, these souls are not perfectly cleansed of venial sin or have not atoned for past transgressions; thereby, they are temporarily deprived of the beatific vision.  The faithful on earth can assist the souls in purgatory in attaining the beatific vision through their prayers, good works and the offering of Mass. These  practices for the souls of the dead originated in Old Testament times.

The purification of purgatory is about God’s love. Pope  St John Paul II, in “Crossing the Threshold of Hope,” taught, “God makes man pass through such an interior purgatory … in order to bring him into union with himself. Here we do not find ourselves before a mere tribunal. We present ourselves before the power of love itself. Before all else, it is Love that judges. God, who is Love, judges through love. It is love that demands purification, before man can be made ready for that union with God which is his ultimate vocation and destiny.” Moreover, Pope Benedict XVI taught that purgatory offers hope, because ultimately the person perfectly cleansed is united with the Lord in heaven.

Therefore, on November 2nd we ought to pray for the all of the souls in purgatory, including our own deceased loved ones. A plenary indulgence, applicable only to the souls in purgatory, is granted to anyone both for devoutly visiting a cemetery and praying for the departed between throughout November , and for visiting a church and reciting the Our Father and the Creed on All Souls Day. Parents should also nurture this practice in their children, for one day, we will all need their prayers.

More Public Masses

It is intended that the number of public Masses be increased in Evesham and Broadway in order that an Evening Mass might be provided in Evesham on Sunday Evening. (As yet it is not necessary to make this provision as the numbers returning to Mass do not warrant it). I am continuing to ponder how we can return to the full provision of public Masses. I have been reluctant to make any more changes because of the uncertainty with regard to the use of the church in Evesham as the restoration work proceeds. However, with generosity in the use of our time and a willingness to embrace the inconvenience  experienced by the present circumstances it is possible for everyone to come to Mass at least once each week. There are now nine public Masses being celebrated between Evesham and Broadway. Thus, even using the minimum capacity in both churches there is the possibility of at least 290 per week in Evesham and 120 in Broadway.  As ever all of these provisions will depend on the availability of volunteers and on pastoral need. Please remember the Sunday precept remains suspended and parishioners are encouraged to come to Mass in either Broadway or Evesham on weekdays wherever possible thus leaving the limited space available on Sunday for those who cannot come on other days. You will already realise that with the limited numbers it would be impossible for everyone to come on Sunday.


The fact that we have been fortunate to receive some part funding for the Celebration of Pugin and Pugin and thus refurbishment for the church building also involves the establishing of a Facebook page which will ensure greater publicity. The details are as follows. https://www.facebook.com/The-Church-of-the-Immaculate-Conception-and-St-Egwin-Evesham-113814183806139/

Census and data Base

In the course of the nest few months you will be asked to provide the necessary information which will enable the parish to have an accurate and up to date census. The information will be stored and used so as to conform to all the necessary legal requirements.


Details concerning Gift Aid, The Donate button and Standing orders can be found on the website or from Fr Christopher who will provide contact details.

Missio Donations

If making donations by cheque to Missio-Mill Hill. Please post to Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square London SW1V 1NU

If donating by Text:

Red Box 5 to donate £5

Red Box 10 to donate £10

By Phone 020 7821 9755

Bank Transfer

Acct Name :Missio Sort Code 16-00-16

Acct Number 10824230

Ref RB and your postcode.

Broadway Notices

CTIB Christmas Hampers (donations by 14th November)

Support for families in need in Broadway with Christmas hampers. We are  unable to collect food etc in our churches this year(hence the cut-off date We are asking that you give generously so that we can purchase those things necessary from our stores Please be generous as usual in supporting this Christian effort

Track and Trace Slip (This may be used in Broadway and Evesham(


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