Priest: Fr. Christopher Draycott ( 01386 442468



Safeguarding representative: Kay Buckley(07719926797)

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered Charity No. 234216

Evesham =(E)   Broadway= (B)

Only Masses and other services appearing in bold print are public Masses

At present  Mass will not be advertised for Wednesday

Sat 10th   5.00pm(B)  Private int(A&C)
Sun 11th   8.45am(E)     John Pallett
 10.00am(E)People of the Parish
 Mon 12th 10.00am(E)Nikki Gaunt
 12.00noon(E)Neal Coleman
Tues 13th    10.00am(B)  Holy Souls
Thur 15th  10.00am(E)The Magony Family
Fri 16th  10.00am(E) 11.30am(B)Arthur James Shaw Holy Souls  
Sat 17th  10.00am(E)Rita McCormack
Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat 17th  5.00pm(B)  Holy Souls
Sun 18th    8.45am(E)     David Kennedy
 10.00am(E)People of the Parish

Holy Communion at home Priests are now able to bring the Blessed Sacrament to the homes of the sick and housebound. Please phone the presbytery


Please contact the presbytery to make arrangements to go to confession. Confessions may be heard in the house or the garden

Evening chats on Saturday/Sunday at 6.45pm. Available on the website or the YouTube channel: christopher draycott

At Public Masses

Attendees must Stand or sit do not kneel Wear a mask Remain 1 metre + apart Sanitise hands on entering and leaving. Complete the track and trace slips or use your phone to scan the QR number Place your offering in the receptacles by the door. To volunteer to help. Contact Dominique in Broadway or in Evesham email your contact details to :

Holy Communion

A steward will tell you when to join the line except in Broadway where Holy Communion will be on the way out. As you approach the altar lower your mask, stretch out your hands palms upwards to receive, replace mask.

Receive in silence by hand only

Please pray for the sick and housebound of our parishes

Of your charity

Pray for Antonietta Cerra-Foster Josephine Valerie Cotterell and all who have died in recent days and for John Frederick Stanley Gordon Connell Aubrey Harper Arthur James Shaw Martha Ann Dolman Stephen Henry Los Anne Walmesley-CothamEmily Brownewhose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Sunday 28 ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 543-546: Jesus invites sinners, but demands conversion
CCC 1402-1405, 2837: the Eucharist is the foretaste of the Messianic Banquet

Sacramental Catechesis

There are no plans to begin preparation for First Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation for next year.  Nor is it yet known when those already prepared will receive these Sacraments.


From Fr Christopher

Many Catholics are or should be considering the fallout from the pandemic. Perhaps they are thinking

When will it end?

Will donations ever go back up?

Will more people come back to Mass when we can have full churches again? Will it get worse?

There is a natural desire to make it all go away. Part of this is the tendency that Catholic culture has to maintain the status quo. Keep things going,. Manage the operations of the internal mechanisms of Catholic life. This can lead us to being more inwardly-focussed, rather than mission-minded. We tend to lose our mission (to evangelise) in the day-to-day operations of Catholic institutions. So, what are we to do?

I read the following in a recent article:
Catholics need to stop asking, “how do we get back to pre-Covid days”? This question makes the assumption God wants us to return to what we were previously doing. We shouldn’t assume this. Furthermore, why would we return to days that meant decline in numbers, failure to live out our God-given mission, and strategies that failed us? Our job has never been to maintain institutions. It is to make disciples.So, instead of asking how do we go back, we need to ask:

What does God want of us post-Covid? What change & renewal are required for us to recapture a missionary vision that reaches our area with the Gospel? What past activities have been impediments to our mission that we need to stop doing? What things have we not been doing, that help advance our mission, which we need to start doing? What personal habits do I need to start / stop in order to be more fruitful myself? How do we save as many people as possible?

The natural momentum of any institution which has existed for generations is to maintain itself. This is the case for most parishes and dioceses. This momentum can lead us to replace methods for mission. 

Methods are what we do – some we don’t have the power to change,
Mission tells us why we exist. It is the engine which drives the car. We don’t get anywhere without it. 

So, when we replace methods for mission – we start to value what we do more than why we do what we do. Without a proper “why”, we are bound to lose our way. Newspapers that didn’t go digital, then went bankrupt – are good examples of organizations which confused method for mission. So, what is a Catholic parish in the business of? Programs, classes, and events OR making disciples? Get it wrong and it means the difference between fruitfulness and merely managing decline.

If our goal is transformation and not preservation, then we have to look forward with a mission mind-set, not one that merely longs for the nostalgia of past days, when things were easier. God wants transformed disciples not just involved parishioners. . 

The article continued “We have to get comfortable with the fact that our post-covid institutions will not look the same. This can be good or bad.
It will be bad if we aim to go back to how things were. This is because we can’t go backwards and thus, we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. It will be good if we can do what God asks of us, with courage and perseverance. Let us propose Jesus and his Gospel to the world.

Let us make tough decisions that lead to renewal in our parishes and dioceses. Our job is to be holy, glorify God, go to heaven, and get as many others as we can to join us there. The parish exists in order to facilitate these things. We won’t achieve much by settling for anger, frustration, and merely watching the flood waters rise around us, waiting for help to come.

CS Lewis wrote that “The Church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ, to make them little Christs”.

Over these many months it has become abundantly clear to me that the way ahead is going to be hard. Many of our parishes and institutions will not survive. However the point at issue as I have pointed out before is are we as Catholics open to the will of God. Are we ready to play our part in the mission of the Church. Covid has revealed the weaknesses of which I have spoken over the last fifteen years, I have urged everyone to be ready to face the difficulties . We will only do this in the strength of catholic faith and fortified by our participation in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church

More Public Masses

It is intended that the number of public Masses be increased in Evesham and Broadway in order that an Evening Mass might be provided in Evesham on Sunday Evening. (As yet it is not necessary to make this provision as the numbers returning to Mass do not warrant it). It is also my intention that as soon as possible the Thursday morning Mass in Evesham should become a Public Mass. I am continuing to ponder how we can return to the  full provision of public Masses. I have been reluctant to make any more changes because of the uncertainty with regard to the use of the church in Evesham as the restoration work proceeds. However, with generosity and the use of our  time and a willingness to embrace the inconvenience  experienced by the present circumstances it is possible for everyone to come to Mass at least once each week. There are now eight public Masses being celebrated between Evesham and Broadway. Thus, even using the minimum capacity in both churches there is the possibility of at least 290 per week in Evesham and 72 in Broadway.  As ever all of these provisions will depend on the availability of volunteers and on pastoral need. Please remember the Sunday precept remains suspended and parishioners are encouraged to come to Mass in either Broadway or Evesham on weekdays wherever possible thus leaving the limited space available on Sunday for those who cannot come on other days. You will already realise that with the limited numbers it would be impossible for everyone to come on Sunday.


The fact that we have been fortunate to receive some part funding for the Celebration of Pugin and Pugin and thus refurbishment for the church building also involves the establishing of a Facebook page which will ensure greater publicity. The details are as follows.

Census and data Base

In the course of the nest few months you will be asked to provide the necessary information which will enable the parish to have an accurate and up to date census. The information will be stored and used so as to conform to all the necessary legal requirements.


Details concerning Gift Aid, The Donate button and Standing orders can be found on the website or from Fr Christopher who will provide contact details.

Broadway Notices

Winter Mass Time

From Saturday 31st October the Saturday Vigil Mass will begin art 4.00pm. This is the earliest permitted time for an anticipated Mass and will be of benefit during the dark nights

Red Boxes

There are still a few outstanding. Please let us have them so that they can be emptied and the money sent to the missions.

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