Priest: Fr. Christopher Draycott ( 01386 442468



Safeguarding representative: Kay Buckley(07719926797)

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered Charity No. 234216

Evesham =(E)   Broadway= (B)

Only Masses and other services appearing in bold print are public Masses

Mass on Monday at noon is in the Extraordinary Form

At present  Mass will not be advertised for Wednesday

Sat 19th 5.00pm(B)  Neil Dempsey
Sun 20th   8.45am(E)     Geoff & Millie Heath
 10.00am(E)Ross & Tony Whiting  
Mon 21st10.00am(E)Maurice O’Shea
St Matthew12.00noon(E)People of the Parish
Tues 22nd  10.00am(B)Sheila & John Bainbridge
Thur 24th Our Lady of Walsingham10.00am(E)James Hart
Fri 25th10.00am(E)Thanksgiving(AD)
Sat 26th  10.00am(E)Barbara Bostock
Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sat 26th 5.00pm(B)  Margaret Lee
Sun 27th   8.45am(E)     People of the Parish                                            
 10.00am(E)Neal Coleman

Confessions Please phone the presbytery in order to make arrangements for confession or ask at Public Masses


We continue to need volunteers who are willing to assist in making possible the public celebration of the Mass in Evesham and Broadway. Sincere thanks are due to those who give so generously of their time. Without them the church could not open, and there would be no public Masses. Please do show them your appreciation and gratitude when you come to church, particularly by treating them with courtesy and respect. It is also important to follow their instructions, as they ask no more than what is necessary for the parish to be permitted to open the church.

Please pray for the sick and housebound of our Parishes

Of your charity

Pray for the repose of the souls of Elizabeth Rendell and all who have died in recent days and for Maurice O’Shea Hannah O’Callaghan Thomas Daly Brigid Woodhouse Justin Twist Roberto Fracasso Elizabeth Campbell  whose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Sunday 25 ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 210-211: God of mercy and piety
CCC 588-589: Jesus identifies his compassion to sinners with God’s own attitude towards them.


From Fr Christopher

The parable of the workers in the vineyard is one of the most striking images of the kingdom of heaven and hence of how we should respond to the divine call. The image of the vineyard is used frequently in the Old Testament to symbolise the chosen people, whom God looks after with great care and who are meant to produce the good wine of salvation (cf. Is 5:1-7; Ps 80; Ezek 15:1-8).

As in other parables, the story can disconcert us at first and challenge our yardsticks and values. It might seem to us that the laborers hired at the first hour have a just claim when they say they have worked much more than those the householder hired at the last hour of the day. If the master is generous with those who have worked little, why isn’t his generosity shown more clearly to those who have worked longer? But as the owner told one of those complaining: “Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius? Take what belongs to you, and go; I choose to give to this last as I give to you. Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity”).

The parable teaches us about charity towards God and our neighbour. Since we all receive and benefit from divine mercy in ways we can’t even imagine, it makes no sense to demand from God any presumed rights based on justice, or to complain when others benefit from his love. Seeing how generous God is with us requires that we too try to be generous with others.  “With this parable, Jesus wants to open our hearts to the logic of the Father’s love which is free and generous. It is about allowing oneself to be astonished and fascinated by the ‘thoughts’ and the ‘ways’ of God which, as the Prophet Isaiah recalls, are not our thoughts and not our ways (cf. Is 55:8). Human thoughts are often marked by selfishness and personal advantages, and our narrow and contorted paths are not comparable to the wide and straight streets of the Lord. He uses mercy (do not forget this: He uses mercy): he forgives broadly, and is filled with generosity and kindness which he pours forth on each of us. He opens for everyone the boundless territory of his love and his grace, which alone can give the human heart the fullness of joy.” Pope Francis.

Saint Josemaria sees the parable as also pointing to the need to take advantage of time to do good, to work in the Lord’s vineyard while carrying out our daily tasks. The owner “goes back several times to the marketplace to hire workers. Some were called at dawn, others almost at nightfall. All receive a silver piece, ‘the wages that I promised you, in other words, my own image and likeness. For the image of the King is engraved on each silver piece’ (St. Jerome, Commentary on Matthew, 3, 20). Such is the mercy of God. He calls each one bearing in mind their personal circumstances, because he wants ‘all men to be saved’ (1 Tim 2:4). In our case, we were born Christians, brought up in the faith, and then we received a clear calling from Our Lord. The facts are undeniable. Therefore, when you sense he’s beckoning you, even if it is at the last hour, how can you think of lingering in the marketplace, basking in the sun as so many of those workers did, because they had time on their hands?”

The great founder of Opus Dei gives valuable advice when he reminds us to go toMary: “You, who are our Mother and have seen Jesus grow up and make good use of the time he spent among men, teach me how to spend my days serving the Church and all mankind. My good Mother, teach me, whenever necessary, to hear in the depths of my heart, as a gentle reproach, that my time is not my own, because it belongs to Our Father who is in Heaven.”

Public Mass

The capacity at Masses in Evesham will be 58  and in Broadway 24 assuming people are from single households and allowing two persons per pew. The number will be slightly more if parents are present with children or if there are present several from the same household able to occupy one pew. We will operate as instructed by the diocese on one metre plus social distancing and thus will require everyone to wear a face covering or a mask. We are required by law to implement the track and trace programme. This involves providing a Name and contact number together with the date one is present at Mass and the number in the group. Slips are provided for this on the weekly sheet and should be completed prior to arrival at the church (The information can be given on any piece of paper). I trust everyone will continue to cooperate with the gathering of this information which is kept in a secure place in a locked safe and destroyed after 21 days.


Please remember the Sunday precept remains suspended and parishioners are encouraged to come to Mass in either Broadway or Evesham on weekdays wherever possible thus leaving the limited space available on Sunday for those who cannot come on other days. You will already realise that with the limited numbers it would be impossible for everyone to come on Sunday. There are now seven public Masses being celebrated between Evesham and Broadway. Thus even using the minimum capacity in both churches there is the possibility of at least 290 per week in Evesham and 48 in Broadway.

Social Distancing

Please note that whilst new Government legislation will come into effect tomorrow (Monday), prohibiting social gatherings of more than six people, this does not apply to places of public worship. The celebration of Holy Mass and the Sacraments are not social gatherings. As a community we will continue to be vigilant through appropriate social distancing, hand sanitising, the wearing of masks and proper cleaning of all areas after Mass etc, but we will not be impacted on numbers by this new legislation. Our social distancing capacity remains the same. Having carried out and up-loaded onto the Diocesan server a proper and thorough risk assessment and having implemented all appropriate protocols from the Government and Diocese, we are a recognised COVID-Safe environment/parish and remain very much open!

Census and data Base

We had intended to begin gathering and storing this information at Easter but events rather prevented this course of action. In the course of the nest few months you will be asked to provide the necessary information which will enable the parish to have an accurate and up to date census. The information will be stored and used so as to conform to all the necessary legal requirements. It is essential that our census be brought up to date as quickly as possible


Due to the current situation, the Diocesan Gift Aid Office is closed and the staffs are working from home. As a result, they are not able to send out individual tax certificates to donors this year. If any donors need a record of their donations for the tax year ending 05/04/2020, in order to complete a tax return, please contact the parish gift aid organizer. Contact details can be obtained from Fr. Christopher.

The Donate Button

This is available for Evesham on the Website and appears in orange. It is hoped to provide a similar “button” for Broadway.( I understand that some have found some difficulty with this. We will look into it this week)

Standing Orders

These can be set up on line for anyone who uses internet banking. Please phone the presbytery or send an email for more information. Fr Christopher will give the contact information for the person who deals with standing orders and Gift Aid. This applies whether one uses internet banking or not.

Sacramental preparation

There are no plans at present to begin preparation for First Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation for next year.  Nor is it yet know when those already prepared will receive these Sacraments.


Red Boxes

Could we have these by 26th September so that much needed monies may be forwarded to mission communities. Many Thanks

CTIB Harvest Festival

Sunday 27th September. Time to be arranged.

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