Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher Draycott ( 01386 442468

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Evesham: Church of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Egwin WR114EJ

     Broadway: Church of the Most Holy Saviour WR12 7DZ

Safeguarding representative: Kay Buckley(07719926797)

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered Charity No. 234216

The Holy Mass will be live streamed as indicated below.  Masses on Wednesday and Sunday are public Masses When the limit is reached the church doors must be closed. 

Sat 25th         5.00pm        Anne Pacey

Sun 26th     9.30am          Maura & David Jones               

                      10.45am         People of the Parish

          Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm

Mon 27th    10.00am          Mary Wilson

              196212.00noon        Neal Coleman

Tues 28th   10.00am         Josie Byrne

Wed 29th      9.30am         Alina Ostrynska

St   Martha          10.45am         Ints Josephine Picton                

Thur 30th   10.00am         Salvatore & Vito Muratore

Fri 31st       10.00am         James Hardiman

St Ignatius Loyola

Sat 1st         10.00am            George Spencer Pacey

St Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat 1st            5.00pm        People of the parish

Sun 2nd       9.30am          Fr Alfred Oddie     

                      10.45am          Matthew Picton


If anyone wishes to go to confession. Please phone to make an appointment. Confessions will be heard in the presbytery garden

Holy Communion for the housebound

Those to whom Fr Christopher had been taking the Blessed Sacrament or who were receiving Holy Communion at home should contact Fr Christopher who will make the necessary arrangements in order that Holy Communion may be received at home at this time

Funerals Weddings and Baptisms

The church is not a present available for any of the above

Please pray for the sick and housebound of our Parishes

Of your charity

Pray for the repose of the souls of Jospeh Tynan(priest) and  all who have died in recent days and for James Hardiman Moira Walsh Gerald T. O’Callaghan Ada Hurst Bridget Thomas O’Sullivan  O’Sullivan Family George Spencer Pacey whose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes

Sunday 17( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 407: cannot ignore wound of sin in discerning human situation
CCC 1777-1785: moral decision making in rapport with God’s will
CCC 1786-1789: seeking will of God in divine law in difficult circumstances
CCC 1038-1041: separation of good and evil at Judgment
CCC 1037: God predestines no one to hell


From Fr Christopher 

As we can probably all attest, our contemporary culture teaches everyone to seek the good life, at whatever the cost, literally. More often than not, today “happiness” is defined in terms of that which in fact ultimately fades away: health, wealth and beauty, things which are fleeting and deified beyond their worth. “You Can’t Take it With You” was the name of a popular play from the 1930’s—a phrase that sums up well the reality of life, of the rich and famous, the poor and obscure, of you and me. There comes a moment in life, at the end, when we must let go of everything, and let God take over entirely, without fear.

I ought to point out that preparing for the inevitable now, doesn’t mean settling for inadequate food, shelter and clothing or despising our earthly existence. On the other hand, to make material things the sum total of life is to miss the boat of real life and happiness, to which God calls us. Christ put it in terms of having life “in abundance,” that is, eternal life with the Holy Trinity and all the angels and saints.

In stark contrast to self-indulgent materialism, then, is the ideal placed before us in the Scriptures proclaimed this Sunday ; namely, seeking spiritual wisdom, and the Kingdom of God which cannot be acquired with money, and, which have  no price tag, other than an attentive heart and a docile spirit to really hear and put into practice God’s Word.

King Solomon is praised in the first reading for this Sunday, for having chosen something that will last, namely wisdom, rather than fleeting things or earthly goods. Solomon stands as a model in the Hebrew Scriptures of “being on the right track,” as we might express it today. Solomon is seen as knowing what is really needed for life’s journey: wisdom, an understanding heart, which in fact is what God bestows.

This doesn’t negate the importance of our free will and the choices we make in response to God’s action, put in terms of “right living,” that is, doing good to others, rendering worship to the God of heaven and earth, setting one’s heart on spiritual rather than material riches.

Catholics believe that it is Jesus who brings everyone to the fullness of life, something even King Solomon didn’t have knowledge of, namely, eternal life in Heaven. Jesus offers this to those who are willing to “prefer nothing whatever to Christ,” as Saint Benedict put it, borrowing a phrase from Saint Cyprian of Carthage (De orat. dom. 15).

The heart of the Christian message is the Good News that God has stooped down to us in order to raise us up to himself. No one is forced to accept this great gift, of course; otherwise it would not be a gift, but an imposition. However, to those who accept the gift, there is a fundamental approach to everything as “being on loan,” from the God who made us.

With this in mind, we realise that we must render an account of our life to our Maker at the end of life’s journey. How have I spent my time and energy on earth?, I will be asked. How have I treated others and even myself?  Have I spent myself in loving service of others as Jesus taught, or made others the object of my desires; have I put myself at the centre of the universe, treading under foot all those who get in my way?

These are tough questions, but our Lord is very interested that we not be discouraged, but comprehend the point of life, and sooner rather than later!

Holy Mother Church is at our side to walk us through “the long and winding road,” as it has been called, of life. In the Church and the seven Sacraments we find the action of God’s grace at work in our lives, even when we stray, offering rest for our weariness and spiritual food and drink for our hungry and thirsty hearts. With this mind, it is essential that as soon as possible we seek to gather regularly at God’s altar in church, to celebrate the Holy Mass, to ponder the proper perspective Jesus came to reveal: that our hearts be totally set on the riches that cannot fade or be taken away, on the things that last into life eternal. ( none of us can really be satisfied with live streamed Masses. Please use the opportunities to participate in the public Masses as they are gradually extended.)

We may go astray seeking that which is not of God and only eventually come to our senses about the really important values. May each of us be committed to the Good News that Jesus boldly proclaims in the Gospel: the Kingdom of God should be zealously pursued like a treasure, as a pearl of great price. Jesus is saying we have the capacity and all that it takes to possess the indescribable riches of God’s Kingdom, which can never be taken from us. We should hear the Lord saying to us. “Come to the fountain of Life and drink the water that will quench your thirst,” Saint Paul in the second reading at Mass today expressed the conviction that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love God, who have been called to possess that which ultimately can satisfy. In other words, we must trust in God’s providential care for the human race, even when we cannot make sense of what goes on around us or within us.

May God help us to choose as wisely as Solomon of old!

Restoration of the celebration Public Mass


We wish to ensure a phased introduction to the Public celebration of the Holy Mass. These notes will serve to illustrate the work which has been done so far, and to thank all who have made this possible by volunteering their services. The following information concerning the initial times of public Mass is not set in stone and will clearly develop as the months go by and we are able to return to a public Mass each day(At present there are no immediate plans for this)

On Wednesday Holy Mass will be celebrated at 9.30am and 10.45am. This will make easier   the sanitisation and cleaning of the church which must take place after each Mass. The capacity at both of these Masses will be 56 assuming people are from single households and allowing two persons per pew. The number will be slightly more if parents are present with children or if there are present several from the same household able to occupy one pew. We will operate as instructed by the diocese on one metre plus social distancing and thus will require everyone to wear a face covering or a mask. It is therefore immediately apparent that we must all show a generosity and charity in this regard if we are to use the considerable time before us to our best spiritual advantage. For the present Mass will continue to be live streamed (when the Mass is publicly celebrated the camera will be focused on the celebrant alone. Next Sunday there will be two public Masses at 9.30am and 10.45am(could I encourage families with young children to come to this Mass as this will provide an indication of what is practical for the future).

Please remember the Sunday precept remains abrogated and parishioners are encouraged to come to Mass on weekdays wherever possible and  leaving Sunday available for those who cannot come on other days. You will already realise that with the limited numbers it would be impossible for everyone to come on Sunday. Information will be provided as to what is required by everyone who uses the church for the celebration of Mass.

For the present I will continue a  live stream a chat from the presbytery at 6.45pm each evening.


The process which will lead to the reopening of the Church in Broadway is well underway . Before the Church is opened it will be necessary for it to be cleaned in accordance with diocesan guidelines and volunteers to act as stewards and cleaners after each use will be required. Names and contact details should be given to Fr Christopher. The capacity for the church in Broadway is going to mean considerably fewer people than Evesham. One of the difficulties at present has to do with the closeness of the pews one to the other and the fixed kneelers. We hope to address these matters during this week.


As with Evesham it must be emphasised that it is only possible to re-open our churches if we have sufficient volunteers and also that the rules and norms which are established must be followed scrupulously.

When the Public celebration of the Mass is resumed in both churches it will be without singing, offertory processions the sign of Peace or kneeling and Holy Communion must be received on the hand.  It is unavoidable that for the present admission to the public Masses must be on a “first come” basis. As I have repeatedly indicated all of this should mean that everyone is able to get to Holy Mass once each week for the foreseeable future.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation Group

As you are aware, churches are in the process of reopening for public celebrations of Holy Mass.  About half the Catholic churches are now open at least to some extent.  The next stage in the process (as public celebrations of Holy Mass are increased as and when possible) is that people need to be returning to the practice of attending Holy Mass. Evesham is open and Masses are  for the present publicly celebrated on Wednesday at 9.30am and 10.45am and on Sunday at 9.30 and 10.45am.

Through the lockdown, we have had to cope with Mass via livestream, which is on the one hand unsatisfactory but also the best we could manage.  However, a central doctrine of our faith is in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  The Archbishop of Paris is on record as reminding his people that just as we believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, so it is necessary that the people are really present in church for the celebration of Holy Mass.

The live streaming of Holy Mass is continuing because of two groups of people – first, those with health conditions who must continue to shield for whatever reason as the pandemic is not fully over yet; second, for those who are housebound, some of whom have not been able to be in church for months and even years, and for whom the live stream has been a means by which they can re-connect with their parish.  But for those who are able to go out to the shops, to work, and until this last week to school, the right place to be is in church.  Of course, the church is marked out for social distancing, and it is a requirement that all wear face coverings masks (except those exempt by being under 5 years old) and we have to do our best to have the building ventilated. In due course and when circumstances permit We shall  work out how we safely celebrate First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

I look forward to us all being together again for the celebration of the Sacred liturgy.  It has been hard not being together in church these last few months.

Donations and Collections during this time update.

We have been asked by Parishioners (apart from those who already support the parishes by bankers order) how they can make donations/and continued financial provision for the parish while Masses are not being celebrated publicly.

The Donate Button

This is available for Evesham on the Website and appears in orange. It is hoped to provide a similar “button” for Broadway.( I understand that some have found some difficulty with this. We will look into it this week)

Standing Orders

These can be set up on line for anyone who uses internet banking. Please phone the presbytery or send an email for more information. Fr Christopher will give the contact information for the person who deals with standing orders and Gift Aid. And she will provide the necessary details to set up a standing order. This applies whether one uses internet banking or not.


Weekly offerings (envelopes and loose) whether for the first or second weekly collection may be kept at home or if preferred please place envelopes (which are numbered) for both first and second collections through the presbytery letter box in Evesham. If placing none numbered ordinary envelopes (namely what would normally be placed loose in the collection bags) please indicate whether this is for the First or Second collection. Those coming to the public Masses are encouraged to use the buckets provided for the offertory collections.


Weekly offerings (envelopes and loose) whether for the first or second weekly collection may be kept at home or if preferred please place envelopes (which are numbered) for both first and second collections through the  letter box which is the front door to the retreat of Leamington Road marked number 12   If placing non numbered ordinary envelopes (namely what would normally be placed loose in the collection bags) through the letter box please indicate whether this is for the First or Second collection.

2 Replies to “Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 26th July 2020”

  1. At the nearby parish of Kemerton, Fr Hughes is no longer allowing the public at Holy Mass (this will be live-streamed only again) One or two Kemerton parishioners like myself may be looking to attend elsewhere. Is there a booking system at Evesham or may I just turn up?

    Many thanks for your help.

    1. Good day. Sorry for being somewhat tardy in my reply. I am going to be away over the next ten days. The capacity of the Church is 56 from individual households- more with families. I have no objection to others coming. We are not as yet using a booking system so it’s first come etc. As with everywhere the return has been somewhat sluggish so I don’t think it will be a problem. The only difficulty is that for this coming Sunday and the next these will be the only Masses with none on weekdays. However with that caution please feel free.
      Fr Christopher
      Mass times 9.30 and 1045
      Please bring a face covering or a mask

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