Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher Draycott ( 01386 442468

8 [email protected]


Evesham: Church of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Egwin WR114EJ

     Broadway: Church of the Most Holy Saviour WR12 7DZ

Safeguarding representative: Kay Buckley(07719926797)

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered Charity No. 234216

The Holy Mass will be live streamed as indicated below.  On Wednesday of this week there will be two public Masses at the times given and Next Sunday there will be two public Masses at the times given. The Church will open on Wednesday and Sunday at 9.00am It is important to arrive in good time and to follow the instructions. When the limit is reached the church doors must be closed.. 

Sat 11th             5.00pm       People of the Parish

Sun 12th       10.00am        John Albertini

Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm

Mon 13th      10.00am                      David Nicholls

                 196212.00noon       Thanksgiving(BH)        

Tues 14th      10.00am        Sally& Allan Grainger

Wed 15th       9.30am          Elliot Armstrong

St Bonaventure   10.45am         Neal Coleman

Thur 16th     10.00am        Josie Byrne

Our lady of Mount Carmel

Fri 17th        10.00am          Jean Love

St Kenelm

Sat 18th         10.00am         Freddie Shaw

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat 18th           5.00pm      Bernard Hardiman

Sun 19th       9.30am        People of the Parish

                        10.45am       Maureen McCann

          Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm

Visiting the Church for private prayer

It is no longer possible to provide this opportunity for private devotion as it will place an at present unsustainable burden on stewards and cleaners

Funerals Weddings and Baptisms

The church is not a present available for any of the above


If anyone wishes to go to confession. Please phone to make an appointment. Confessions will be heard in the presbytery garden

Please pray for the sick and housebound of our Parishes

Of your charity

Pray for the repose of the souls  of Elisa Nardone together with all who have died in recent days and for Rudolf Ligthert            Phyllis Margaret Picton  Mary Morris
Mary Ann Lyon   Charles Burch Winifred Shaw

whose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes for

Sunday 15( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 546: Christ teaches through parables
CCC 1703-1709: capacity to know and correspond to the voice of God
CCC 2006-2011: God associates man in working of grace
CCC 1046-1047: creation part of the new universe
CCC 2707: the value of meditation


From Fr Christopher 

Restoration of the celebration Public Mass


We wish to ensure a phased introduction to the Public celebration of the Holy Mass. I would emphasise that these notes are by no means exhaustive and  fuller information will soon be available  These notes will serve to illustrate the work which has been done so far, and to thank all who have made this possible by volunteering their services. The following information concerning the initial times of public Mass is not set in stone and will clearly develop as the months go by and we are able to return to a public Mass each day(At present there are no immediate plans for this)

On Wednesday 15th July Holy Mass will be celebrated at 9.30am and 10.45am. This will make easier   the sanitisation and cleaning of the church which must take place after each Mass. The capacity at both of these Masses will be 56 assuming people are from single households and allowing two persons per pew. The number will be slightly more if parents are present with children or if there are present several from the same household able to occupy one pew. We will operate as instructed by the diocese on one metre plus social distancing and thus will require everyone to wear a face covering or a mask. It is therefore immediately apparent that we must all show a generosity and charity in this regard if we are to use the considerable time before us to our best spiritual advantage. For the present Mass will continue to be live streamed (when the Mass is publicly celebrated the camera will be focused on the celebrant alone. Next Sunday there will be two public Masses at 9.30am and 10.45am(could I encourage families with young children to come to this Mass as this will provide an indication of what is practical for the future).

Please remember the Sunday precept remains abrogated and parishioners are encouraged to come to Mass on weekdays wherever possible and  leaving Sunday available for those who cannot come on other days. You will already realise that with the limited numbers it would be impossible for everyone to come on Sunday. Information will be provided as to what is required by everyone who uses the church for the celebration of Mass.

For the time being the other Masses will be live streamed without the participation of the people. and I will live stream a chat from the presbytery at 6.45pm each evening

I cannot overemphasise the need for volunteers to act as stewards and cleaners if the celebration of Masses each day is to be assured.


The process which will lead to the reopening of the Church in Broadway is underway. Before the Church is opened it will be necessary for it to be cleaned in accordance with diocesan guidelines and volunteers to act as stewards and cleaners after each use will be required. Names and contact details should be given to Fr Christopher. The capacity for the church in Broadway is going to mean considerably fewer people than Evesham. One of the difficulties at present has to do with the closeness of the pews one to the other and the fixed kneelers. We hope to address these matters during this week.


As with Evesham it must be emphasised that it is only possible to re-open our churches if we have sufficient volunteers and also that the rules and norms which are established must be followed scrupulously.

When the Public celebration of the Mass is resumed in both churches it will be without singing, offertory processions the sign of Peace or kneeling and Holy Communion must be received on the hand.  It is unavoidable that for the present admission to the public Masses must be on a “first come” basis. On a final note we are working on providing the means for “booking” seats  on line or by telephone This will  hopefully  and as far as possible avoid unnecessary journeys and also avoid difficulties at the door which must be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.

As I have repeatedly indicated all of this should mean that everyone is able to get to Holy Mass once each week for the foreseeable future.

Reflection for this Sunday

The parable of the sower is the first in the series of seven parables on the Kingdom of God in the Gospel of Matthew. It provides us with a marvellous metaphor of the preaching of God’s word throughout history. The parable explains why the very same seed of the Gospel produces such different effects in people, since each receives it according to their own dispositions.

With the different types of soil that the seed finds on falling, Jesus sums up the various types of people in the world. He thereby presents us with an opportunity to examine what we can do to improve our own response to his message. In the three quotations which follow, we see that  Pope Francis said in an Angelus Address regarding this parable: “our heart, like the soil, may be good and then the Word bears fruit—and abundant fruit. But it can also be hard and impermeable. This happens when we hear the Word but it bounces off of us, just as on a street: it doesn’t enter our heart.” Between the good soil and the bad there is also the rocky ground, which represents “the superficial heart: it welcomes the Lord, wants to pray, love and bear witness, but does not persevere; it becomes tired and never ‘takes off.’ It is a heart without depth, where the rocks of laziness prevail over the good soil, where love is fickle and fleeting. Whoever welcomes the Lord only when they want to does not bear fruit” Finally, there is the seed that falls among thorns, which are “the vices that fight with God, that choke his presence: above all these are the idols of worldly wealth, living avidly, for oneself, for possessions and for power. If we cultivate these thorns, we choke God’s growth within us. Each of us can recognize his or her big or small thorns, the vices that inhabit the heart, those more or less deeply rooted briars that God does not like and that prevent us from having a clean heart. It is necessary to tear them out, otherwise the Word cannot bear fruit, the seed will not grow.”

The disciples asked Jesus why he spoke in parables. The Master tells them that that He is preaching the “secrets of the kingdom,” which are difficult for people to understand directly. Hence He uses figurative language with images familiar to his listeners that refer in a hidden way to the mysteries of the kingdom.

In his explanation to the disciples, Jesus says: “For to him who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away” (v. 12). These words can unsettle us because they seem unjust. But Jesus is trying to explain to them that those who do not receive the Gospel and grace with good will, become incapable of understanding it and of receiving more. While those who docilely let themselves be transformed by God’s word (as the disciples did) not only receive the grace of conversion, but become fit to receive still more graces.

The words Jesus cites from Isaiah also can surprise us: “lest they should perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn for me to heal them” (v. 15). In reality, our Lord is employing irony here to lament that his listeners are fulfilling by their own free will Isaiah’s prophecy, despite our Lord’s eagerness to save them. Even though many witnessed his miracles and perhaps had more capacity than the Twelve to understand his words, they freely turned a deaf ear to his message and fell into a voluntary blindness.

An Act of Spiritual Holy Communion

This should be used at the appropriate moment when participating in a televised Mass. It is of course preferable to watch a live broadcast rather than a recording

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you above all things, and I desire to receive you in my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there and unite myself wholly to you.

Embracing communities with our Pugin and Pugin church

The bid for heritage lottery funding in connection with high level repair work to the church in Evesham was successful. This will enable the work required by the Quinquennial inspection to go ahead. This is a welcome piece of news during these difficult days. This has been a time consuming task and we are grateful to all who have worked to make this possible both within the parish and beyond.

Mass intentions

If you have any intentions for which you wish the Holy Mass to be offered please telephone the Presbytery. Please be aware that as we are operating on a much reduced Mass schedule there may be a few weeks delay before the intentions are applied

Food Bank

This of course is presenting a particular problem In these difficult circumstances  when we must not leave our homes without good cause(Necessary Shopping and daily exercise) Please phone 07721559387 in order to discover how and when to take any contributions you may have. Please remember that this would of necessity need to be part of one’s daily exercise or necessary journey for shopping. It would be a good idea to phone and ask what particular items the food bank needs.

Donations and Collections during this time update.

We have been asked by Parishioners (apart from those who already support the parishes by bankers order) how they can make donations/and continued financial provision for the parish while Masses are not being celebrated publicly.

The Donate Button

This is available for Evesham on the Website and appears in orange. It is hoped to provide a similar “button” for Broadway.( I understand that some have found some difficulty with this. We will look into it this week)

Standing Orders

These can be set up on line for anyone who uses internet banking. Please phone the presbytery or send an email for more information. Fr Christopher will give the contact information for the person who deals with standing orders and Gift Aid. And she will provide the necessary details to set up a standing order. This applies whether one uses internet banking or not.


Weekly offerings (envelopes and loose) whether for the first or second weekly collection may be kept at home or if preferred please place envelopes (which are numbered) for both first and second collections through the presbytery letter box in Evesham. If placing non numbered ordinary envelopes (namely what would normally be placed loose in the collection bags) please indicate whether this is for the First or Second collection.

Broadway Weekly offerings (envelopes and loose) whether for the first or second weekly collection may be kept at home or if preferred please place envelopes (which are numbered) for both first and second collections through the  letter box which is the front door to the retreat of Leamington Road marked number 12   If placing non numbered ordinary envelopes (namely what would normally be placed loose in the collection bags) through the letter box please indicate whether this is for the First or Second collection.

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