Safeguarding representative: Kay Buckley(07719926797)

The parish is part of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Registered Charity No. 234216

The Holy Mass will be live streamed from Evesham.  at 10.00am every day( with the addition of Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 12.00noon on Monday I will live stream a chat from the presbytery at 6.45pm each evening.  Both will be available on the website later if people are unable to watch them live. Please do pass on this information to others who perhaps do not yet have it: Website( It would also be good to have as many subscribers as possible as this sends out good signals as to the vibrant nature of the Church

Sun  19th      People of the Parish(10.00)

(Divine Mercy and Benediction 3.00pm)

Mon 20th        Lawrence William Stanley (10.00)

                         Peter Duffill(12.00noon)-1962 Missal

Tues 21st       Ints  Ann Crosby(10.00)

Wed 22nd       Ann Geyer(10.00)

Solemnity of saint George Patron of England

Thur 23rd       Christine Armstrong(10.00)

Fri 24th            Maureen McGee(10.00)

Sat 25th             Eleanor & James Hardiman(10.00) 

St Mark

Third Sunday of Easter

Sun  26th      People of the Parish(10.00)

          Rosary and Benediction 4.00pm

Please pray for the sick and housebound of our Parishes

Of your charity

Pray for the repose of the souls of all who have died in recent days and  for Atilio Vettraino John McNulty William H. Lyon     William Beaumont Albright Brigid Daly Beatrice Marron whose  anniversary of death falls at about this time.

Catechism points and themes for

Easter 2 ( CCC numbers indicate paragraph number):

CCC 448, 641-646: appearances of the risen Christ
CCC 1084-1089: sanctifying presence of the risen Christ in the liturgy
CCC 2177-2178, 1342: the Sunday Eucharist
CCC 654-655, 1988: our new birth in the Resurrection of Christ
CCC 976-983, 1441-1442: “I believe in the forgiveness of sins”
CCC 949-953, 1329, 1342, 2624, 2790: communion in spiritual goods


 From Fr Christopher

Imagine what it must have been like for the Apostle Thomas who, alas, has gone down in history with the nickname, “Doubting Thomas”. He was among those who had been with the Lord from the beginning. He heard him preach, saw the miracles, and enjoyed the Lord’s friendship. When the Lord’s crucifixion and death occurred, it must have seemed as though his world had come to an end. So, when the other Apostles told him that, while he was out, the Risen Lord had appeared to them, Thomas thought they were delusional and demanded proof. He wanted, with his own hand, to inspect the wounds of the crucified Lord. A week later, Thomas got his chance – as the Lord invited him to touch the wounds by which we have made whole.

Pope St. Gregory the Great comments that Thomas’ incredulity, his lack of belief, even his resistance to believing – did more to kindle our faith than the faith of the other apostles. For when Thomas saw the Risen Lord bearing the wounds of our mortal flesh, he uttered a profession of faith repeated countless times by Christians everywhere: “My Lord and my God!”

The encounter with the Risen Lord changed Thomas forever. We might say it unlocked his God-given freedom. Not bound by the fetters of doubt and unbelief, he was no longer a doubting Thomas. Rather he became an evangelising Thomas who proclaimed the Gospel far and wide and bore witness to the Crucified and Risen Lord by his own death, his martyrdom.

Tradition has it St. Thomas brought the Gospel to present-day India. Thomas, in the power of the Spirit, went forth, far beyond his comfort zone. What has come down to us, especially through the Syro Malabar and Syro Malankara  Churches, is a pattern to guide the Church’s work of spreading the Gospel, whether near or far, namely, to engage the culture constructively, drawing from it whatever is compatible with the Gospel, while proclaiming and celebrating the Gospel with joy and keeping one’s eyes fixed on serving the poor and the vulnerable.

Notice, that it was ‘for freedom that the Lord set Thomas free’ (cf. Gal. 5:1). By breathing into Thomas the power of the Holy Spirit, the Risen Lord set Thomas free from the heavy yoke of slavery to sin; the Risen Lord set Thomas free from the constraints of unbelief that lock us in a self-contained world of fear and despair; the Risen Lord set Thomas free for mission – free to leave behind everything so as to bring the Gospel as a stranger in a strange land.

I read recently the following words Spoken by an American Bishop.

:”When we encounter the Risen Lord, no matter how incredulous we have been, no matter how resistant to the Gospel, when we encounter the Lord—this beautiful gift of religious freedom comes alive. It is entangled in the DNA of a response of faith and love to the Lord, to the Church, and to the mission which the Lord has mapped out for each and every one of us. Without truth there is no freedom. Without freedom, there is no love”. If we would revitalize the evangelizing mission of the Church in our parishes, in other ecclesial settings, then we must unlock in ourselves and in the people we serve a renewed sense of this freedom that lies in the depth of our being. This gift is unlocked when we allow the Lord to free us from the slavery of sin – those things that cause us to misuse our freedom,

This gift is unlocked when we allow the Lord to set us free from fear, to make us “free to worship him without fear all the days of our life” – to give us “knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of our sins.” In a word, we are made free when at long last we allow the Risen Lord to touch the wounds of our existence, to heal our wounded freedom, to liberate us from the self-contained prison of our unruly desires, wants, and needs! Thus liberated, we are free for mission. Our spirit is freed, our tongue is loosened, we have the authenticity of true witnesses to Jesus Christ crucified and risen, witnesses who are able to engage those who have no faith, those who are alienated from the Church, those whose faith is lukewarm, those who are at the cusp of holiness and mission themselves.

May I remind you that during this time please remember I am only at the end of the phone and may I thank those who have phoned to ask after my welfare and those who have sent Easter cards together with Easter gifts and Easter offerings by post or pushed them through the letterbox. This has been very touching and is much appreciated at a time like this when we are all inevitably concerned about other matters. Many thanks. And please continue to keep safe by observing the advice given by the Government.

Christopher J P Draycott

Parish Priest

An Act of Spiritual Holy Communion

This should be used at the appropriate moment when participating in a televised Mass. It is of course preferable to watch a live broadcast rather than a recording

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you above all things, and I desire to receive you in my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as if you were already there and unite myself wholly to you.

Walsingham Retreat Via live stream

Monsignor John Armitage the Director of the Shrine of Our lady of Walsingham will give a retreat starting on Sunday 19th April beginning after Compline at 8.00pm until Sunday 26th April

There will be talks each day at 10.30am and 4.00pm. Mass is at 12.00noon. The Divine Mercy prayers and the Rosary at 3.00pm daily. Morning and Evening Prayer at 8.30am and 5.00pm.

I would urge all who are able to make this retreat using the Live stream service from the shrine. It is not every day that we are able to make a retreat whilst at home and Monsignor Armitage is a very good retreat conductor.

Sacramental Catechesis


Catechetical sessions are suspended until further notice,. Fr Christopher will give some You tube video talks which will be available on the website

Next Saturday 25th April Fr Christopher will continue the catechesis for First Holy Communion at 11.00am and for Confirmation at 11.45am,. Both will be available thereafter on the website for those unable to watch live.

It is looking increasingly unlikely that our planned timetable for First Holy Communion will be possible. However difficult this is it is of course quite beyond our control


As ever we record our thanks to all who assist with the on-going life of our parishes by ensuring that the administration (everything connected with this), cleaning of the buildings flowers brasses etc are all dealt with. We record our thanks to all who assist with the liturgy in any way.

Food Bank

This of course is presenting a particular problem In these difficult circumstances  when we must not leave our homes without good cause(Necessary Shopping and daily exercise) Please phone 07721559387 in order to discover how and when to take any contributions you may have. Please remember that this would of necessity need to be part of one’s daily exercise or necessary journey for shopping. It would be a good idea to phone and ask what particular items the food bank needs.

Mass intentions

If you have any intentions for which you wish the Holy Mass to be offered please telephone the Presbytery

Donations and Collections during this time

We have been asked by Parishioners (apart from those who already support the parishes by bankers order) how they can make donations/and continued financial provision for the parish while Masses are not being celebrated publicly. Weekly offerings (envelopes and loose) whether for the first or second weekly collection should be kept at home until further provision is made. The Good Friday Collection for the Holy Places and any other second collection mandated by the diocese will be transferred to a later date in the year when the churches are again in use.  We are looking into making provisions on the website which will make this easier The Diocese will be sending information in due course. We understand it will be possible to give more information on the website this week. Please look out for this information

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